No Joke.

Lunges, that is. Yesterday I did my NROLFW workout, which in included some lunges. My buns are feeling it. I think in my mind, lunges were underrated. Mind changed.

On my workout plan for the week, I had kickboxing on the schedule. I flaked, mostly because I’m sore, but also because I’m not feeling my best.  So instead this is what I’m doing:


Favorite PJ pants gifted to me probably 6 years ago, my fuzzy socks, and HGTV. That’s what’s up. And to complete my little mood, I had the dinner of a 6 year old:


I do have to say, the macaroni & cheese was just so-so. TJ’s: please make some better white cheddar mac & cheese. The chicky nuggs were pretty good – no complaints.

In other news, recall how I talked about how my morning routine is working out well? So after reading Julie’s post on why she works out at 5am, I’m all “ooh maybe I should incorporate working out in the AM again.” So I kind of sketched out what it would look like, but not sure if I want to jump to it yet. Time will tell, my friends.

Also, I’ve been having heartburn! Not to complain, but I didn’t used to have it, and now after lunch, I have this annoying feeling in my chest all afternoon. I think I’m going to start a food journal to see if I notice any patterns.

Now, off to go lounge!

QA: What do you do when you don’t feel like yourself? What are your go to comfort foods? Do you workout in the morning?

3 thoughts on “No Joke.

  1. I think my favorite comfort foods are grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies. I used to work out in the mornings; now I guess I mostly work out at night but I definitely prefer AM sweat sessions. I need to rework my schedule to accommodate them again. Food journaling is a good idea. I’m trying to do it now… it’s hard :)

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