Weekend: Wreaths Across America & Family

Hi, friends. How are you all? Hope your weekend was smashing! Our was jam-packed, and really great. Started writing this post Monday, and now just getting a chance to finish… Our weekend looked like this:


Woke up at 6:30am because we were participating in Wreaths Across America at Arlington Cemetery with my parents, two sisters, and aunt. We arrived at about 8am, and had breakfast thanks to the hubby’s company, then waited for the event to start. Once 10am came along, they provide directions on how to place the wreaths, and give some guidance suggesting that you could  be the only person to visit a grave, so stop to pay respect as you lay the wreath. They also mention if you have a family member in a section not selected that year to have wreaths laid down, you can take a wreath and go put it in their section. we laid down two wreaths each, then went with my dad to his parents grave in another section to lay down a wreath.

Wreaths Across America | Tidbits for Today

It was a very special and humbling morning, and I suggest if you live in the Washington, DC area that you participate! We’re already looking forward to next year. Wreaths Across America places wreaths during the holiday season on deceased military’s graves all the way across the country, and end at Arlington Cemetery. To learn more about their organization, click here

After Wreaths Across America, Tim and I had some errands to do before heading out to my oldest sister’s holiday party. Thankfully my younger sister offered to DD for Tim and I (Thanks, Non!)!

Sisters | Tidbits for Today

We had a great time at her party, and enjoyed lots of yummy drinks! Then we left to take our youngest sister to a friends party, and headed home to my parents house to sleep.


Woke up at 7 to hang out with my nephew while my mom and dad did some things they needed to do (my  parents were watching him during my sisters party and he spent the night with them). We played, watched some baby shows and he ate a fruit pouch and cheerios. Typical morning of a 1 year old, I guess!  Selfies with a 1 year old at 7 am…

photo 2 (1)

Around 1pm, my dad’s whole family arrived and we had a big family holiday party! It was a lot of fun, and we got to catch up with our family which is always awesome!

After the family party, we headed to Tim’s sisters for our two nieces’ birthdays! Long, fun, busy weekend! Hope yours was great as well!

Wishing you the very best weekend.

This work week is coming to an end, and for us, a busy family filled weekend is ahead. Saturday morning starts early with Wreaths for America with my family, then a holiday party at my sisters, followed by a sleepover at my parents with my nephew – and that’s only Saturday. Sunday is a Christmas party with my dad’s side of the family, then celebrating two of our niece’s birthdays at dinner. I’m looking forward to soaking up some family time! In other news, here’s a picture of our Christmas tree that I am oh-so in love with… can’t I keep it up all year?!

Christmas Tree | Tidbits for Today

Recent Eats:

Recent Eats | Tidbits for Today

1. zucchini noodles 2. peanut butter blossom cookies 3. a coworker’s baby shower cake 4. lemon pesto chicken salad +  mixed greens + avocado 5. red wine sautéed mushrooms

Recent Workouts:

Saturday: yoga – Sunday: nothing – Monday: nothing – Tuesday: spinning – Wednesday: 10 minutes of light stretching – Thursday: nothing – Friday: run/walk intervals for 35 minutes

Hope you have a super weekend!

Favorite Wedding Registry Items: Duvet

Missed my list of my favorite wedding registry items? Check this post out. This post describes one of my favorite items with more detail, and why we love it.


One of my favorite things about staying at hotels are the super comfy beds. One of the best beds I remember was from a Kimpton hotel that we stayed in, and it was sooooo comfortable (and it was all white, which reminds me that our honeymoon bed was also all white, including the duvet, and all linens). It was hard to peel yourself out of it! I knew that when we got married, I wanted to ask for items that recreated this type of experience. Thankfully, with the items we got for our bed, I am absolutely in love with our bed and it accomplishes everything I wanted it to!

When we started looking at bedding, I knew I wanted a duvet. I’ve had one before and they are just so warm and comfy! I also like that the duvet filler feels heavy, or somewhat weighted. So once I knew I wanted a white duvet, I went and looked on Macy’s, and really liked the striped look they offered from Charter Club. We ended up selecting the Charter Club “Damask Stripe” 500 count duvet cover, in white. I chose this specific duvet because a. i liked the look (color & style) b. the fabric was nice, which I felt one day when we were in Macy’s picking up something else and c. it goes on sale often!


Once we received the duvet, washed it, and put it on the bed, I loved the look! It really fits exactly what I was going for, and once the whole master bedroom is painted and decorated, I think it’ll look even better!


QA: Are you as particular about bedding as I am? What are your requirements for a comfy bed?

Productive Weekend + Meals

Hi! how was your weekend? Our was relaxing, rejuvenating, and productive. I’d been feeling a little under the weather both physically and mentally. The holiday business was creeping up, and my stress level was rising. This weekend helped me feel better physically & most importantly in my book, mentally.


photo (3)

We worked all day, then came home to make pizza. I made the pizza dough with the usual recipe I follow, and our toppings were mushrooms, bacon, pepperoni, and mozzarella! We recently got a pizza peel which helps in transferring the uncooked pizza to the hot stone in the oven. We’re really nailing the pizza process these days! After eating, we spent the rest of the night catching up on TV shows. **side note: we haven’t had a couch for the past 3 weeks, and it probably won’t be here until next week. It’s killing us slowly, and my rear end is sore from sitting on our hardwood floor!**


Woke up early since husband wanted to go to an 8:30am spinning class, and I wanted to attend the 9:45am yoga class. Who are we that we now are waking up early on the weekends to workout?! I love it though… the 9:45 yoga class is a vinyasa flow which has a great instructor and I just love the vibe. Since we share a car, I dropped off Tim at the gym and did our grocery shopping (going to 2 stores & dropping off/putting away the groceries in 1 hour! <—goo me!), then met him back at the gym so he could go home to shower while I did yoga, then he picked me back up! That’s how we make 1 car work, lots of compromise and figuring out how to maximize the time we have.

Once home, Tim made breakfast (I’m beyond thankful that he does this, and without me even asking!) which was omelets with bacon, mushrooms, peppers & cheese. So delicious! Then we worked on our budget, which took about an hour. He then took so much time to make a bunch of formulas that will help me work the spreadsheet easier! He’s the best. We then went to Tysons Mall and did holiday shopping, and finished the evening with the Cheesecake Factory to use some gift cards we had! Once home, more laying around and relaxing.



I made panettone french toast for breakfast (recipe coming soon) & we sipped coffee. The rest of the day was spent lounging and doing a few house chores. Then watching Homeland <— jeeeeeez, that was intense! I always end up sitting straight up in bed by the end, and my husband laughs at me. That show is stressful… but good!

Meals for the Week

Sunday: Chicken panang from a box (sold at Target)

Monday: Zucchini noodles with meat sauce

Tuesday: Wing-it/Leftovers

Wednesday: Meeting a friend for dinner

Thursday: Tomato soup + grilled cheese

Friday: Pizza (of course!)

Have an enjoyable weekend.


The weather is about to get super cold and wintery (snow/ice) in the DC area, so I’m thinking about our honeymoon and leaving you with a picture. The honeymoon week in Costa Rica was pure bliss. Can we go back? Hope you stay warm & cozy this weekend :) Here are a few of my favorites from the interwebs this week:

A leopard reacting to realizing its prey has a baby.

ALL these desserts look amazing. Want to eat.

I’m doing this for my husband this year, and will do with kids (maybe). Love this idea to minimize the craziness of Christmas.

Do you have sisters? My 3 sisters & I can relate mostly to #15 & #20.

We are BIG breakfast people in this house, so these potatoes may be in the near future ;)

Wanting these workout shirts, and on they’re on Amazon Prime… my favorite!



Favorite Wedding Registry Items: Towels

Missed my list of my favorite wedding registry items? Check this post out. This post describes one of my favorite items with more detail, and why we love it.

Favorite Wedding Registry Items

When I started looking at towels, I knew I wanted nice, soft, fluffy towels, something I’d probably not purchase for myself. I also knew, based off my sister-in-law’s advice, that I wanted white. She made a point once saying how easy white towels were to clean because bleach can be used on them, and I remembered this when I was looking through the array of colored towels.


We were registered at Macy’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and William Sonoma, so I looked at their towels to start, and Macy’s had a wide selection that I liked. As I shared before, I did all of my registry online, so I based my selections heavily off reviews of which towels seemed the best.  I usually look for 4 stars and above, and I’ve used the Hotel Collection brand before, so I went ahead and went with it.


Thankfully, we did receive our full towel set, and… we love them! They are so soft, and shall I say, comforting?! I’m very glad with the choice we picked! How many of what kind did we register for… here’s what we got, and this I completely just guessed with:


Overall, this amount has worked well. If I would add anything, it might be more washcloths, if you use them to wash your face daily.

So… I think that covers towels. Did I miss anything?

QA: Are you as in love with soft, comfy towels as I am?

Favorite Wedding Registry Items

This post describes our method for building our wedding registry and what our favorite items thus far have been. I’ll be writing a post for each of our favorite items to give more detail as to why we selected it and love it. 


A friend of mine posted about her favorite wedding registry items which prompted me to post this (thanks for the tips, Ais!). When starting to plan out the registry, it can be overwhelming, and you can be unsure of what to add to your list. I felt that same way, and spent a few hours scouring over what Macy’s and Martha Stewart told me were the ‘musts’ for registries. I selected stores to build registry’s from that I knew had good after the wedding discounts (Macy’s gives you 20% off anything on your registry, Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) was 10% off, and William Sonoma was 10% off) and that I knew fit our style. Another benefit was that Macy’s often has sales, as does BBB, so I thought that was nice for those buying gifts. I’ll be honest and say that I did 100% of our registry online… I didn’t step foot in a store to make any decisions, which I think made the whole process a lot less stressful. When it came down to selecting items, I read reviews, asked others what their favorite things were, and if all else fails, you can always make a return if the item isn’t quite what you wanted. Long story short, this was how I built our registry:

1. Review registry guides and decide what is important to you… like this & this. If you never envision using china (insert: stemware, linen napkins, etc.), don’t register for it! There will be items people tell you are musts… but base your registry off your needs and what you’ll use! We did register for china because it was something I wanted, but I know many others who haven’t and don’t regret it. Choose what matters to you.

2. Choose which stores to register with… I chose the stores based off of places I already shopped, ones that had coupons, and that had ‘after the wedding’ discounts. The three stores  we selected (Macy’s, BBB, William Sonoma) had everything we could have possibly wanted/needed.

3. Adjust your registry as often as needed… I recall starting out with items, such as a large vacuum, but removing it and replacing it with a smaller wood vacuum because we moved into an all hardwood condo. The large expensive vacuum wouldn’t have been used often, and it seemed more practical to get a vacuum that would work in our new condo.

4. Wait until after the wedding to open and use gifts… I know this one is hard to do, and I did end up using one or two things before the wedding day, but about 95% gifts remained unopened/used until the wedding was over and we returned from our honeymoon. Reason being, once you receive all your gifts, you may want to return items to get something you really needed but didn’t receive or you might realize that you don’t really need an item you thought you did. For example, we ended up making some returns to Macy’s in order to get the pots & pans we really needed vs. the barware accessories that probably wouldn’t be used often.

At the end of the day, I’m pretty thrilled with the wonderful gifts we received from our registries, but there are are a few items that really stick out as my favorites thus far (I’ll continue to add to this list as gifts are used):

1. Towels

2. Duvet

3. Cast Iron Skillet

4. Silverware

5. Nespresso

6. Pots & Pans

7. Egg Pan

8. Knives

9. Kitchen Aid Mixer

10. Shelves

11. 8 Cup Food Processor

12. 2 & 4 Cup Pyrex

13. Wood Vacuum

14. Le Creuset Stoneware

QA: If you’ve done a gift registry before, what have been your favorite gifts? Or what would you recommend others put onto their registries?